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4 - 7 days.

Locating archival documents. Verification of all major databases. One village / town / location. Professional research of 3 to 5 archival files. 1-4 of your family lines. Translation and photocopies of the records found.


Databases that are being checked:

  • World War I (wounded, killed, awarded, captured, missing soldiers, etc.);
  • 1932-1933 Holodomor;
  • declassified NKVD archives (1937-38 mass repressions and many more);
  • 1940 Finnish War;
  • World War II;
  • filtration files of ostarbeiters and prisoners of war during World War II.


Profound search (Immersion).

1-4 weeks.

Extensive / complete study of 15 to 25 archival files. One archive, all of your family lines. One village/town /location. Translation and photocopies of the records found. Profound search (Immersion) package can serve as an extension of the Start! package. Payment can be divided into two instalments.




1-3 months.

The most detailed research of all archival files. 2-5 archives, all of your family lines. All village / town / locality. Translation and photocopies of the records found. Total package may serve as an extension of the Start! package. PPayment can be divided into three monthly instalments.



What I offer:

Professional support throughout and after our collaboration.

Selection of archival documents.

Study of archival documents.

Creation a “turnkey” Family Tree.

Photocopies of all found records on your relatives and ancestors.

Personalized payment scheme for genealogical services.

Additional services:

II will help you select a genealogical software and enter newly-found and long-known information in it.

Searching and arrangement of local history information.

Working directly in selected localities.

Writing family history.

Summarizing family chronicles, local history materials and your Family Tree into one Book.

The artistic finish of research results.

Samples of works

Confirming ethnicity.

Five files.

One archive.

Completed in three days.

Gift scheme.

80+ cases.

4 archives.

Completed in one months.

Family Tree.

200+ cases.

13 archives in three countries.

Completed in four months.




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