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What I do

I am Dmytro Stepanenko, a professional genealogist from Ukraine, and I guarantee that anyone interested in the past of their family will have a family Tree consisting of five to six generations of relatives in just a few weeks. You will learn many unexpected facts about your own ancestors and get acquainted with your relatives all over again.

In a few months, you will find your roots in Ukraine and proudly show your friends and relatives an extract from the Register of Zaporizhian Host back from Hetman Khmelnytskyi’s times with your great…grandfather mentioned in it. Or you will be able to show off copies of documents back from the Commonwealth of Poland confirming the noble origin of your great…grandmother.

the noble origin

What it need

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Hard work
in archives on my part

What you get?

I’ll start with the final stage: Our joint efforts will result in approximately the same Family Tree as shown in the picture below (large file size!):

Family Tree

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